Post Malone – Twelve Carat Tootache (Black and Translucent Ruby Vinyl)

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Twelve Carat Toothache is the fourth studio album by American rapper and singer Post Malone. The album contains 14 tracks and includes guest appearances from Roddy Ricch, Doja Cat, Gunna, Fleet Foxes, the Kid Laroi, and the Weeknd.

Nearly a decade into his career, Post Malone has mostly shed the baggage of his younger years—the days of cornrows, gold grills, saucin’, and shortsighted remarks about rap music.

He’s a nine-time Grammy nominee and a stylish guy who, at a quick glance, hasn’t gotten any more tattoos—at least not on his face. He’s become part of the pop music establishment, and this album, is accordingly slick, streamlined, and a little less vulgar and ostentatious than his earlier work—a sign that Malone is taking himself more seriously, for better or worse.

The songs on Twelve Carat Toothache swerve between pain and joy, and while Malone has always fit lament into his albums, these new sad songs don’t feel tortured, labored, or ungracious. Instead, Malone deftly plays up bitterness with a wink. For better and worse, Malone is still the entertainer.


  • 1. Reputation
  • 2. Cooped Up (Ft. Roddy Ricch)
  • 3. Lemon Tree
  • 4. Wrapped Around Your Finger
  • 5. I Like You (A Happier Song) (Ft. Doja Cat)
  • 6. I Cannot Be (A Sadder Song) (Ft. Gunna)
  • 7. Insane
  • 8. Love/Hate Letter To Alcohol (Ft. Fleet Foxes)
  • 9. Wasting Angels (Ft. the Kid Laroi)
  • 10. Euthanasia
  • 11. When I’m Alone
  • 12. Waiting For a Miracle
  • 13. One Right Now (With the Weeknd)
  • 14. New Recording 12, Jan 3, 2020

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